Leigh Niland

Fine Art prints & Drawings


The current underlying my work is a study of human emotion; specifically, that of loneliness.  I live my days, traveling through the built environment- London, Delhi, Anywhere, USA, looking, watching, waiting for evidence of the psychological elements that evade the physical world to manifest.  Equipped with sketchbook and pencil I stride off the doorstep, out into the day where my pictorial gatherings begin.  Figures are notated at the speed of life while the buildings and fixtures they inhabit are drawn in their steady, all-seeing quietude.  Sketches shape-shift into considered lithographs, intaglio prints, oil paintings and mixed media works.  My studio practice is in Brattleboro, Vermont.


Studio: 4 Elliot St, Suite 7 Brattleboro, Vermont 05301 USA  Tel. (603) 313 7569 leighniland@gmail.com